When Touch-n-Tan offers you unlimited tanning, we deliver because we don’t close on holidays, we don’t close early, we don’t force you to come in during peak times and wait for your tan and we don’t make you tan at times that are inconvenient to you. Touch-n-Tan has Omaha’s best beds, prices, and services. Once you try our salon you’ll see how you get so much more for so much less! Tanning salons, particularly tanning chains, offer a lot of lower level beds and then try to get you into their next level beds where their prices skyrocket. Our entry-level beds are equal to their “level 2-3 tanning beds” and our upper-level tanning beds are not only the best but priced to fit your budget. There are no gimmicks and no low-level tanning beds.

See Our Unique Features and Compare Us to the Competition

More Convenience - More Options!

» See the availability of your favorite beds from your cell before coming

» 24-hour access safe and secure ­-- tan on your busy schedule

» High pressure beds (Omaha)

» Anti-aging Red Light Therapy (Gretna)

» The industry's best spray tans - NO orange tint, no running or streaking with Pura Sunless (Omaha) and VersaSpa (Gretna)

» True unlimited tanning, we never close!

» The area’s best prices on tanning and lotions

» Purchase an upgraded tanning bed anytime with the “touch of your finger”

» And much, much more!