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Welcome to Touch N Tan 24/7

We understand at Touch n Tan 24/7 that tanning doesn’t always fit into your regular schedule. That’s why we provide all of our options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Touch n Tan 24/7 uses bio scan technology (fingerprint reader) for door access or in the event for some reason it doesn’t work a 4 digit code for door access so that only you can access the facility unlike card entry systems where lost cards can be used.


Once in the facility  you can access your tanning package at this simple user friendly touch screen once again using your fingerprint and access your tanning package, choose your bed, or even spray tan or buy an upgrade in a higher level bed, all with a touch of your finger!


Want to know if your favorite bed is currently available? Access our system from anywhere such as your cell phone or home computer to see if there are options available by clicking the link below!


Omaha Salon

Click here to check availability of beds now!


Gretna Salon

Click here to check availability of beds now!




***Always 24 hour access for TNT Members***

Staffed hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm ** Fri 9am-7 pm ** Sat 10am-6pm ** Sunday-11am-5pm